Fuji Neopan 400 (B&W)

Disneyland's Its A Small World and Marina Del Rey

The film was sitting in my EOS 3 since January.


A Pseudo Tilt/Shift Shot

This image was taken from my wifes cousins apartment in Kimpo. It seemed like a perfect picture for the Tilt Shift example.



Tried timing the magic hour, but we were just a little late.
Used the EOS 5D mostly with EF L 16-35mm.


Ko'olau #18

476 yards par 4 from the tips. This is probably one of the hardest golf holes in the world. It's big news in the club house when someone pars it. The tee box is at the far right where the gazebo is located and the green is located behind the dark tree on the left . The drive has to be at least 230 yards to cross the gully, but if you hit it too far right, you may land in the bunker, giving you no chance to hit the green, but if you hit it too far left, you'll be left at a distance which will keep you from hitting the green as well.

The Valley

Shot using the Leica D-Lux 3. Somewhere around the Japanese Gardens...


1937 Truck

An old truck outside of Cartoon Network...shot with Leica D-Lux 3